Monday, June 15, 2009

Susie is Retired - Lucky for her!

Greetings Everyone!

My friend, Susie, is retiring after 30 years of teaching! Her retirement party was this past Saturday and oh what a party it was.

Susie LOVES the moon and everything about the Moon. In honor of her retirement I made her a Moon Goddess Quilt. The thirty stars represent her 30 years of teaching. The Moon Goddess in the middle of the quilt is Susie. The four other Moon Goddesses represent phases of her life ( I say they are her during her two marriages and her raising her two sons) The Blue and Gold represent the colors of her own (and mine too) High school as well as the schools where she taught.

I got the idea from this site.

Happy Retirement, Susie!

Sew There!

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