Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh Deer, Oh Dear!

Greetings everyone! This morning on the way to work I saw five white tail deer grazing near the roadway. They seem so tame. I stopped and rolled down the window to "chat" with them and they didn't run away. I haven't seen very many around here lately which is odd because I used to see them just about every day. It was a delight to see them again.

Received the second step for the Quilt Along yesterday. Oh Dear! So many half square triangles! I'm going to try something different and use a grid sheet. I found them at here. I also have Thangles to use. I've used Thangles before but will use them again to see which method I prefer of these two.

I did get another step of Bonnie Hunter's "Old Tobacco Road" mystery quilt completed weekend before last. As you can see, the next step is to square it up and add the borders.

Oh Dear...too many projects!

Sew There!

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